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List of Prominent Chinese visitors and Local Chinese activities

A. Prominent Chinese visitors
[The following list needs to be checked and expanded]
1. Sun Yat-sen (1897/1911), leading revolutionary/father of modern China
2. Kang Youwei (1899/1904/1909), Leading political reformer
3. Kang Tongbi (1903), leading Chinese feminist
4. Liang Qichao (1903), Leading political reformer
5. Feng Ziyou (1910-11), Leading revolutionary/leader of the Hong Society
6. Chen Shuren (1913-20?), Leading revolutionary politician/famous painter
7. Tang Hualong (1918), Prominent statesman, assassinated in Victoria
8. Xu Zhimo (1924?), Prominent Chinese poet
9. Zhao Ziyang (1984?), Premier of PRC and leading reformer

B. Local Chinese activists
B.1. Historical figures
1. Lee, Chung, Major founder of Kwong Lee Co. (1859-)
2. Li, Youqin, Major founder of CCBA (1884-)
3. Lee, Folk Gay, 1st president of the Chinese Empire Reform Association (1899-)
4. Lee, Mong Kow, Major founder of Chinese Public School (1908-)
5. Lim, Bam, major supporter of Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary movement (1911-).
6. Wong, Chong, Assassin of Tang Hualong and martyr of KMT (1918-)
7. Low, Kwong Joe (Joe Hope), leader of students’ strike (1922-23)
8. Chung, Victoria, local-born medical missionary to China (1897-1966)
9. Lee, Jack, major community/CCBA leader, (1922-2011)
[Lieutenant-Governor David Lam and MP Douglas Jung?]

B2. Current leaders
1. Chong, Ida
2. Lai, Chuenyan David
3. Lou-Poy, Ronald
4. Lowe, Allan
5. Thorton-Joe, Charlayne