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The Chinatown in Victoria, British Columbia is the oldest in Canada and second in age only to San Francisco's in North America, with its beginnings in the mass influx of miners from California to what is now British Columbia in 1858. Its history goes back to the mid nineteenth century. It remains an active place for Chinese-Canadians, Victoria residents and tourists. Victoria's Chinatown is now surrounded by cultural, entertainment venues as well as being a venue itself.


Welcome to Victoria’s Chinatown, a major gateway to the past and present of Chinese Canadians! Our website will introduce you to Chinatown through selected photos, maps, archives, family documents, oral histories and other data. If you are familiar with Victoria, we invite you to visit the ”Test Your Knowledge of Chinatown” site and answer 15 questions about the history, geography, landmarks, streets, organizations and people in the local Chinatown.


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